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Get flat 15% and help plant a tree. Shop & use code FURBICLE15. Offer valid till Midnight.

Get 15% OFF & help plant a tree. Use code FURBICLE15. Offer valid till Midnight.

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designed keeping your needs in mind

Say hello to furniture that’s award-winning, built-to-last, comfortable, contemporary, and stays that way. Our in-house specialists craft furniture with the finest materials for how you live and where you live.
built with the world’s most advanced remanufacturing techniques
This is where all the action takes place! Come take a sneak-peek into our 55,000 sq.ft production unit where our furniture is remanufactured by our experts and brought back to life.
looks good & makes you feel great
Using remanufactured furniture not only gives you immense value for money but also reduces your carbon footprint, limits wastage, and has an overall low environmental impact.

5-day free delivery & setup

Our furniture is delivered and assembled for free within 5 days

1 year warranty

Our furniture comes with a 1 year warranty for your peace of mind

try & buy

Return or replace on delivery - no questions asked!
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how it works

Step 1

we examine each product in a detailed and thorough manner

Step 2

we deep clean, sand, polish, re-foam, and change the fabric of the furniture

Step 3

we do a final pre-packaging check, sanitise the furniture, and then pack it up for you

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high quality remanufactured furniture

The furniture you own is one of the reasons that make you fall in love with your home. Furniture is the accessory that definitely makes your home come together and helps you enjoy the amenities of a comfortable lifestyle. Since furniture is an extensive makeup of your home, why not use remanufactured furniture in a different capacity? it not only breathes life into your home but is also a grand environmental gesture as it helps in reducing carbon footprint. 

If you want to purchase remanufactured furniture from the comfort of your home, Furbicle is what you need! 

Choose from our vast collection of sofas, beds, workstations, tables, storage, chairs and home decor which make your home more inviting. our comfort beds come in various sizes - a single bed for the deep sleepers or a king-size bed for room to stretch. We’ve got sofas that let you put your feet up and relax after a long day or even open into beds giving your body plenty of space. Our tables invite you to spend quality time with your family over delicious meals. We also have storage furniture that tucks away your belongings and lets you customize your space the way you need it to be. our wide range of remanufactured furniture is bound to make your home all the more vibrant!   

Why choose remanufactured furniture

The type of furniture you choose has a significant impact on the vibes of your space. From paying a lesser price for top-quality furniture to reducing carbon footprints, purchasing remanufactured furniture has some serious advantages. It is often more cost-effective, environment-friendly, and ethical.  

  1. Easy affordability

One of the reasons why people purchase remanufactured furniture is to save more money. It is easy on your wallet.

  1. Environment friendly

Usually, old and used furniture ends up in a landfill, which harms the environment. Buying remanufactured furniture is not only cost-effective but is also good for the planet.

  1. Reliability and longevity

Remanufactured furniture is created sturdier and can withstand more wear and tear. It will often last for years to come. before we remanufacture furniture, It goes through inspection right in our largest remanufacturing centre. 

  1. Sense of uniqueness

Don’t you want to be unique, especially when expressing your personality with the furniture you put in your home? shopping for remanufactured furniture provides an exciting opportunity for you to identify a craft that reflects your style. Review Medals Review Medals

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