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Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

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    AC: Buy Renewed Air Conditioner Online in India

    The air conditioner is one of the essential tools we use to escape the oppressive summer weather. When it comes to buying air conditioners online, you'll find a variety of options for different budgets and price ranges. Air conditioners, which were long considered a sign of wealth, can now be found in practically every middle-class home, not just in metros but even in rural towns.

    Air conditioning is not just about lowering the temperature when you are feeling hot. It is about a lot of things such as:

    • Maintaining a comfortable humidity level across a room/building. 
    • During certain seasons, removing excess humidity from the air.
    • Being able to provide enough and consistent ventilation.
    • Microorganisms, soot, dust, and other 'foreign bodies' are removed from the air.
    • Have the ability to warm rooms at least partially in the winter.

    And last but not the least, keeping the indoors cool during hotter weather seasons.

    List of ACs with Price

    Product Name Price
    ONIDA 1 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC (Renewed) 24,699/-
    Onida 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC (Renewed) 31,499/-
    ONIDA 2 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC (Renewed) 34,899/-

    The Data was Updated on 2nd May 2022

    Having said this, there have been a lot of advancements in AC technologies.  This has led the market to have hundreds of brands and models of AC. It can get really confusing once you step out to buy the best air conditioner. Did you know that you can buy ac online? This is why Furbicle has developed a one-stop online marketplace where you can buy air conditioner online. The benefits you get when you buy ac online are many. You can avail a number of offers that reduce the air conditioner price drastically and save you a lot of money. Lower the AC price, higher your satisfaction level. Come and buy air conditioner online at Furbicle. Or better, come and buy refurbished AC.

    Let us help you begin with the process and guide you on what to look for when you wish to buy a room AC or the best home air conditioner…

    Consumers are becoming more aware of their needs as a result of the advent of modern technology, healthcare benefits, and energy efficiency. They now have a wide range of brands and product offerings to pick from. Here are a few things that you should look for:

    1. Sensor - A sensor is a device or a module that allows us to recognize events or changes in our surroundings and exchange that information with other electronic devices that are connected to it. There are different kinds of sensors:
      1. IoT Sensors- these sensors detect changes in temperature, proximity, pressure, pyroelectric Ir, water quality, chemicals, smoke, gas, etc.
      2. Image sensor technology - Ensure that all users in the room receive equal attention for equal cooling comfort while reducing cooling waste. The image sensor recognises how many people are there in the room, their location, and their activity, among other things, and then cools the area appropriately to provide maximum cooling comfort.
    2. Inverter technology - Inverter Technology for AC is the most recent and efficient technology available on the market today. Inverter technology is designed to save 30-50 per cent on electricity when compared to a traditional air conditioner. Inverter air conditioners are more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and economical than traditional air conditioners.
    3. Smart / App controls - With the proliferation of smartphones and a slew of apps, millennials expect an app for everything, including controlling their air conditioning. Manufacturers of air conditioners have responded to this desire by creating a smart specialized app for controlling the air conditioner.

    Types of Air Conditioners that are featured on Furbicle and you can choose your Air Conditioner online from:

    • Refurbished Split Air Conditioner - The split AC system is distinguished by its compact size, silent operation, and excellent efficiency.
    • Benefits that come with a Furbicle Split AC: 
        1. Easy to install - These units are simple to install because they do not require ductwork.
        2. Silent operation - The quietness of these units in the building makes them perfect for libraries, schools, boardrooms, and bedrooms.
        3. Cost-effective 
        4. Easy maintenance - These systems have washable filters that simply need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Condensing units are designed to be simple to maintain and repair.
    • Window AC - Window air conditioners are not only a cost-effective cooling alternative, but they are also incredibly energy efficient. These units are designed to fit right inside your window and are available in a variety of BTUs to suit rooms of all sizes.
    • Benefits that come with a Furbicle Window AC:
        1. Cost-effective - The first main benefit of window air conditioners is their inexpensive and reasonable price. They are not only inexpensive to buy, but they are also economical to operate on a monthly basis.
        2. Highly energy efficient - A window air conditioner may be the ideal option for you if you want to keep cool without splurging.
        3. No floor space - This sort of air conditioner does not take up any space in your home because it is designed to fit within a window. If you live in a small house or need to chill in a small room, this is a great benefit.
    • Inverter AC - An inverter air conditioner allows the compressor, which is installed inside the air conditioner, to run at various speeds in order to save electricity.
    • Benefits that come with a Furbicle Inverter AC:
        1. Energy-efficient - When it comes to cost-effective and energy-efficient operation, inverter technology is the greatest option. Cooling is regulated in a smooth and energy-saving manner in an inverter model, whereas previous technologies consumed a lot of electricity irrespective of consumption.
        2. When compared to a standard air conditioner, inverter air conditioners make less noise.
        3. They even operate at a breakneck speed.

    Types of refurbished Air Conditioner at Furbicle, based on the star rating

    The rating system is a representation of energy efficiency. More the stars, the more energy-efficient the gadget/device is. This system was implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) with a range of 1 to 5 stars. 

    At Furbicle you can find a renewed 3 star AC, 4 star AC, and a 5 star AC. Among these, 3 star AC and 5 star AC are the best air conditioner.

    Buy Refurbished Air Conditioner by AC price

    If you wish to filter down your search by air conditioner price, Furbicle presents you with several options of AC under 35000, AC under 30000, and AC under 25000 as well.

    Refurbished AC Buy Online at Furbicle

    After knowing all that you can avail of an AC unit, you might be wondering a little about the air conditioner cost. Let us remind you that remanufactured and renewed furniture and electronic gadgets from Furbicle work just as well and cost much lesser. We have a huge refurbished products portfolio that includes a variety of refurbished AC (a refurbished split AC as well as a refurbished window AC unit). if you want to buy refurbished ac online, we have a whole team of staff dedicated to guiding you through the process and clearing all the doubts that you might have regarding a renewed AC. Ultimately, we will give you the best air conditioner.

    Based on the AC capacity, we renew all kinds of AC ranging from a 1 ton Ac, 1.5 ton AC, and a 2 ton AC as well. Assume the capacity of an air conditioner is one tonne. With that capacity, the AC is now capable of obtaining 210 KJ of energy from the temperature in the air-conditioned area, resulting in an equivalent cooling effect. Similarly, you can scale the values. In simple terms, more tons have better cooling effects. 

    Believe in us to buy AC online and you will not have a single doubt about your AC purchase with Furbicle. 


    Normally all air conditioners require occasional servicing in order to function properly. When it comes to renewed ones, there is no reason for them to be serviced more frequently. Unless you have bought it from a non-reliable manufacturer and have been given a defective one. If you have sourced it from a reliable seller just like Furbicle, then you should be carefree.
    The cost of a refurbished air conditioner depends on the technology, capacity, brand, type of mounting, etc. however, we can say one thing for sure, in comparison to a new one, a renewed AC would cost you about 15-20k lesser.
    An air conditioner lasts for about 15 to 20 years on average.
    The energy efficiency rating system is a reflection of that efficiency. The more stars the gadget/device has, the more energy-efficient it is. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) implemented this system with a star rating system ranging from 1 to 5. The same ratings apply if you buy a refurbished AC as well.
    You have a few things in mind when you buy a new AC, the similar factors should be taken into consideration while buying a renewed one. Note the energy rating, technology, sensor, and capacity of the refurbished AC Online. Other than these, you should find a reliable source or website from which you are sourcing your refurbished AC online.
    By scaling the square footage of your room or residence by 20 BTU, you can figure out what size room AC you'll need. The BTU of a domestic air conditioner is typically between 5,000 and 14,000 BTU.
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