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Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

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    Refurbished Bed

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    Furbicle - Beds

    Finding just the BED for you at Furbicle

    A third of our lives are spent sleeping or lying down. As a result, beds are obviously quite significant in our life. To put it another way, we need decent beds to get good sleep and enjoy the benefits of it. Consequently, it has to be picked out with utmost conscience and consideration. A right can be a deciding factor in whether or not you are going to get a good night’s slumber. Besides, it is not just about a good night’s sleep. It is about all those times when you feel like heading home and landing directly on a  comfortable yet sturdy bed! This is why you need the best bed for yourself.

    There are several factors that come into play when you are at choosing the perfect bed and wish to buy bed online. Quite often, when we are looking for anything to buy, we are usually guided by pricing. This is, however, not the following guide. In most cases, the price is a reflection of the product's quality. This, although, does not always have to be the case. Rather than basing your buying decisions on the price, you should ascertain that the bed you intend to buy is a nice one. 

    Now that you know that prices are not your best friend in making the call, it is time for you to explore the beds at Furbicle! 

    At Furbicle, we have all dealt with furniture that was either excessively pricey, cumbersome, flimsy or even outdated at times. Furthermore, such furniture always ends up in a landfill. As a result, we decided it was time for a change. This is how the brand of remanufactures and renewed furniture came up at Furbicle!

    Furbicle offers a wide variety of beds - a simple bed, a modern bed,  and other online bed furniture, especially if you want a refurbished bed online! We cater to all kinds of designing and manufacturing services when it comes to furniture. You can get your desired styles constructed from the scratch and made by the material of your choice and liking. To help you with that, we have a full-fledged guide and a team of people who assist you at every step. We provide a premium as well as a budget-friendly range of renewed beds online. We make sure that you get the best of all worlds by presenting you with refurbished beds for sale. That is an excellent offer for you, your wallet, and the environment. Our products are created by specialists and handcrafted with care. Furbicle is your one-stop destination to get the most affordable bed online. We are convinced that a remanufactured bed is just as strong as a new bed, if not stronger! In addition to superior quality, the cost of a refurbished bed is significantly lower than that of a newly outfitted bed.

    When you are looking to buy a bed online, you need not worry about the bed price at all. Even if it is about other online bed furniture, you are in good hands at Furbicle.

    To help you choose the right and affordable renewed bed online here is a brief yet detailed enough guide to assist you in your quest of finding the bed of your dreams! Here are some varieties that we offer at Furbicle:

    Furbicle King-sized Beds

    As appealing as it sounds, these beds are one of the most looked-for in the entire market. You may refer to them as the OG of beds. Materialistically, a king-sized bed is the ultimate symbol of wealth and elegance. After all, it is the largest conceivable bed that you can have in your home. A king-sized bed also demonstrates that you have the necessary space for such a massive bed! It is a win-win.

    The only step-back is that they cost way more than regular sized beds. This should come as a surprise because it is only logical. This is why you should rather look at a renewed king size bed online. But do not worry, if you are concerned about the affordability factor and whether or not you will be able to make up for it, Furbicle reduces the burden from your pockets. We offer the most affordable bed online (king-sized) as well as a  great deal of renewed king size beds online! Feel free to get your hands on some affordable yet quality ones.

    Furbicle Queen-Size Beds

    A queen size bed is more than ideal for smaller spaces and bigger dreams. If you are a die-hard fan of king-sized beds but lack the space to get one, you have a Queen to the rescue! Other than that, if you enjoy additional living space surrounding your bed, the queen size is the finest option. Furbicle's refurbished queen-sized beds allow you to enjoy a good bed and bedroom. Leave the quality to us. We guarantee a simple and hassle-free delivery right to your door.

    Sofa Beds

    A sofa bed is a sofa set that can be quickly transformed into a bed using a simple pull-out mechanism. It is a modern wonder to make use of the limited spaces and make them more practical.  Sit or sleep on a sofa or a bed; either way, you'll be completely relaxed. We, at Furbicle, have all sorts of sofa beds available. You can avail of a sofa bed in your choice of material as well.

    Even this piece of furniture can cost you quite a few more bucks! But it will not be the case if you come to us. We also have expertise in creating the perfect refurbished sofa bed for you.  

    Furbicle Single Beds

    A single simple bed is one of the most common purchases, especially for children's rooms. A single bed, as the name implies, can only accommodate one person, making it an excellent addition to a small bedroom. Conveniently, these beds being smaller in size, are more within budget. You may not even bother to think about overspending. 

    Especially with Furbicle’s renewed beds, the cost issues are automatically resolved.

    Furbicle Storage Beds

    By now, you must be clear that the whole idea behind futuristic and designer beds is to solve the purpose as well as optimise modern storage and spacing solutions. People typically keep extra bed sheets and cushions in their closets or cupboard to use when the old ones wear out. When you have a storage bed, a whole lot of space gets saved. Storage beds provide ample space for such items, as well as supplementary items such as seasonal clothing and other items. 

    Commonly, there are four main kinds of storage beds that are being used worldwide- the Ottoman Beds, Divan Beds, Beds with Drawers, and Beds with Storage Headboards. Furbicle designs and remanufactures all of these types. Regardless of the mention, we refurbish and renew storage beds. You will feel like you got a new one! If you are looking for storage beds online, then you are at the right place.

    Furbicle Bunk Beds

    Just like ours, it would have been your childhood fantasy too- sleeping on a bunk bed. Bunk beds are simply double beds, where the singles are stacked one above another. Our selection of renewed bunk beds satisfies this fantasy safely. The sturdy and quality frames are put together to deliver a strong structure. This structure can be customized based on your requirements. If you wish to add a ladder? You got it. Need to attach a desktop screen? We can do that. Need extra cushioned and fabricated guardrails on the edges? Just ask for it. Furbicle can refurbish your wish to buy bed online and make it look like a modern bed.

    Furbicle Bed Frames

    If you have had prior experiences with buying beds, you must be knowing that beds can be bought in parts- the bed frame, the mattress and the main body. This allows you to combine different styles and get your dream one. Furbicle gives you an even better chance. You can get a good-as-new refurbished bed frame at a very moderate price.

    Other than the above-mentioned beds, you can also find storage beds online, an engineered wood bed, a solid wood bed, a  Sheesham wood bed,  a teak wood bed, and a box bed online!

    If you wish to look for a bed based on the bed price range, we have several categories to make your work easier, you can avail of a bed under 30000, a bed under 20000, and a bed under 15000 as well! This is how easy when you buy bed online, at Furbicle.


    If you plan to order bed online, it will be a very wise decision to also explore renewed and remanufactured beds. They are almost as good as new ones while costing you much lesser.
    If you have a budget of 20000 and wish to order bed online, then Furbicle Ethan Teak finish and upholstered bed is a great option. If you are looking for a bunk bed for your kids, then the Furbicle Ryan Double Decker Bunk bed is also a good choice.
    The most frequently used size of a queen bed is 60inches wide by 80inches long.
    When it comes to beds, Mahogany, Oak, and Teak wood beds turn out to be the most durable and sturdy ones.
    When you pursue online bed furniture, then you will realise there are many kinds of beds. As mentioned above, there are many king-size beds, queen size beds, storage beds, single beds, double beds, bunk beds, and sofa beds that you can find online. You can also find a box bed online.
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