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good for the planet

Furnish your home with furniture restored to its original quality. Get premium designs while you help reduce furniture waste

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One of the most essential pieces of furniture in a house is a bed. After all, there is a whole room dedicated to the placing of this furniture piece, right? A bed should be comfortable, aesthetically appealing, suiting your home decor, and most importantly, it should give you a feeling of relaxation as soon as you lay down on it. 

Buying a bed physically is a strenuous task, so it's always better to buy a Bed online. 

At Furbicle, we provide premium and affordable beds online that are not just budget-friendly but are also environment-friendly. We make sure that you get the best of both worlds by providing you with furniture that is good for you, your wallet & our planet, designed by experts, and crafted with a lot of love.  

We firmly believe that a remanufactured bed is as sturdy as a newly manufactured Bed, in fact, better! moreover, along with premium quality, the price that you pay for a remanufactured bed is way less than a newly furnished Bed. 

You can find a variety of beds online with us. to help you choose the right bed for you, We have provided a guide below that will help you with the process of choosing the most suitable bed for your home.

Amongst the infinite variety of beds present, here are some of the types of beds that you could definitely choose from.

Storage Beds

Contemporary design with a variety of usage, a Storage Bed is a go-to buy if you are living in a limited space. You can buy great storage beds online on Furbicle at affordable prices. They are environment-friendly and a great way to utilize the space fully. 

Queen Beds

This category of beds is differentiated by their size. A Queen Bed is larger in width than a Single Bed but a bit smaller than a double bed. It is apartment-friendly and is good for rooms that are not very spacious. Furbicle has a variety of Queen Beds for you to choose from. So, don't wait and buy a Queen Bed online from us.

King-Sized Beds

This is the most sought-after bed in the market. If you are looking to buy a King-Sized Bed online that is remanufactured and is pocket-friendly, then Furbicle is the right place to choose from. It is good for you, your wallet & our planet. 

Single Beds

Perfect for the usage of a single person. Single Beds are versatile and highly budgeted. moreover, they are compact and are easy to carry as well. Furbicle offers a variety of Single Beds online to its customers. You can buy a Single Bed online hassle-free with us. 


The basic equipment for your bed, Mattresses, come in various shapes and sizes. you can design an entire minimal bed with the range of Mattresses offered at Furbicle. These Mattresses are not just of amazing quality but also provide great comfort and make your body feel relaxed as soon as you lay down on them. Affordable and environment-friendly Mattresses at Furbicle tick off all the boxes for you. 

These are some of the most sought-after types of beds.

At Furbicle, we want to provide you with an experience that is not just good for you & your wallet but also good for our planet and also provides you with a unique user experience. 

Buy bed online with us and do your part for the environment

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