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Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

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    Furbicle – Refrigerators

    Refrigerators : Buy Renewed Refrigerators Online in India

    In today’s time, you can hardly imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator. Ever wondered why is it so? You need a place to store your raw food ingredients as well as leftovers to keep them palatable. The quality and freshness of the food depend on the level of microscopic growth. Bacteria, which are minute organisms, often alter the quality of food. Bacterial growth is inhibited by refrigeration. Bacteria are present everywhere in nature. They can be found in the earth, air, and water, as well as in the meals we eat. When bacteria are able to access food in a moist and warm atmosphere, they multiply quickly, reaching a stage where some germs might cause illness. Bacteria grow the fastest at temperatures ranging from 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, with some strains doubling in size in less than 20 minutes. The majority of items can be safely stored in a refrigerator set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

    Refrigerators provide a cool and moisture-free environment for your food and water to prevent any kind of microbial growth and contamination. Especially in warmer months, the temperature may rise as high as 45-48 degrees celsius, it becomes all the more important to keep your food (cooked and uncooked) in a refrigerator. Evidently, they serve an important role in maintaining food quality.

    Why to buy refrigerator online or even a refurbished fridge online?

    Opting for a refrigerator online shopping spree is the new cool! Buying a quality refrigerator new and with the latest technology, is easier when you simply walk into a store and see it for yourself. However, as times have changed, a lot of people now buy a refrigerator online too! Refrigerator online shopping has become a need because people can hardly take out time from their busy schedules. So, it turns out really helpful that you can now buy refurbished fridge online.

    Now that you how essential it is to have a refrigerator, let us move on to a few things that you should keep in mind when you look for a refrigerator online. Here are a few things that you should make a note of when you decide to buy fridge online:

    1. The capacity of the fridge. The needed capacity is guided by the number of people in your family. If you live alone, a 40L-100L fridge should be enough. For a family with a child, the suggested capacity increases to about 150L to 250L. For a joint family with multiple adults and a few children, you will need a full-fledged fridge of about 600L-850L capacity!
    2. The energy rating that is mentioned. This factor becomes important because it tells you about the amount of electricity the refrigerator will consume. Consequently, a good portion of your electricity consumption will depend on it, and so will the electricity bill.
    3. The material (like steel metal sheet, stainless steel or aluminium). Generally, you should choose a material that is easy to clean and does not get scratched easily.
    4.  The defrosting technique. Mainly two kinds of defrosting techniques are being used in refrigerators- Direct Cool and Frost-Free. In the fridges with a direct cool method, you will need to manually defrost the ice that builds up. 

    Refrigerators are expensive! It is expected because of the technology that goes behind its making as well as the purpose it solves. If you are worried about the money, come and buy the best refrigerator at Furbicle! We refurbish and remanufacture all kinds of refrigerators for people to best buy refrigerators as well as best buy refurbished refrigerator! We have been working with some renowned brands like Whirlpool and Haier and renew their fridges to make it easier for you to best buy refurbished refrigerator. Not just this, we have a fully function website for you to buy refurbished refrigerator online.

    Fridge Online Shopping at Furbicle

    At furbicle, we deliver you the best refurbished refrigerator at the least refurbished refrigerator price you can find online! We believe in reusing all the resources and technologies that we have to make the most of out them while giving you a fridge price that cannot be competed with. We are able to do so because we are reusing a lot of things that go into the making of a refurbished fridge. So all the people who have been looking for fridge ke price online and have spent a lot of days on it, Furbicle is there for you to come and buy refurbished fridge of your dream. And the good thing is you can buy refurbished fridge online. 

    Even if you are largely guided by the refurbished fridge price, Furbicle offers a lot of great deals. You can find a refrigerator under 20000 as well as a refrigerator under 10000.

    Based on the designs, we present you several choices between a single door refrigerator, a double door refrigerator, and a triple door refrigerator.

    Based on the energy rating, we present you many options between a 3 star refrigerator, a 4 star refrigerator, and a 5 star refrigerator. 

    Based on the frosting technology, we have models with direct cool technology as well as frost-free technology.

    Let us get you acquainted with Furbicle’s range of refurbished refrigerator at a very menial refurbished fridge price!

    Furbicle Single Door Direct Cool Refrigerator

    Single Door Fridges have a certain edge over the double door ones if your needs are met sufficiently. Our single door remanufactured fridge is definitely more affordable, more energy-efficient, and perfectly ideal for a nuclear family. The fridge price becomes even lesser because we believe in renewing! Coming to the energy rating, these fridges consume lesser power and save you a lot on your electricity bill.

    Coming to the Direct Cool technology….

    The Furbicle Direct Cool Refrigerator is a well-built type of refrigerator that is largely used in many homes. This is you might think that the prices of refrigerators must be high. But it is not so. We offer you the best deal, especially if you have a small family and are looking for a low-cost refrigerator, the Direct Cool Refurbished Refrigerator is among the best solutions on the market. In these fridges, the refrigerating space must come into direct touch with the evaporator coil to chill it in the direct cooling method. As a result, the temperature within the refrigerator is unevenly distributed. And the water vapour freezes as it comes into contact with the cold surface. This is why Direct Cool refrigerators have a manual defrosting button, which can only be used to remove ice.

    Benefits of Furbicle Fridges that come with Direct Cool Technology:

    1. Highly energy-efficient: It only needs to be defrosted once or twice a week, which means it uses less electricity than a frost-free refrigerator. So, if you want to save money on power, go with a direct-cool refrigerator.
    2. Perfect for nuclear families: Direct cool technique is commonly utilised in tiny refrigerators. If your family consists of three or fewer members, direct cool is the best option.
    3. Less frequent heating issues: Frost-free refrigerators are typically equipped with heaters for automated defrosting, which exposes the exterior of the refrigerator to heat, whereas direct cool refrigerators do not have this problem.
    4. More economical: Direct-cool technology is a time-honored method of defrosting that needs considerable labour. As a result, these refrigerators are substantially less expensive than frost-free refrigerators.

    Furbicle Double Door Frost Free Refrigerators

    Not all families are nuclear, if you have a family size of 4-5 members, then you surely need a Furbicle Double Door Fridge! Let us show you the benefits of having one at your home:

    • A bigger fridge comes with bigger shelves. Most evidently, double doors add more storage spaces.
    • The door has been made for different functions. We have the main door, for normal food things, and the freezing door that leads to the freezer. So, in a Furbicle double door fridge, you can access the main area without opening the freezer.
    • These refrigerators come only with Frost Free Technology.

    Frost Free technology in Furbicle Refrigerators….

    If you have been using a single door refrigerator for a long time, you must have observed the frost building up in the freezer section. This will appear as a pearl-like layer that eventual covers all the surfaces. There is a defrost button provided in such refrigerators.

    To avoid having to do it manually, the refrigerators now come up with frost-free methods.

    Benefits of Furbicle Fridges that come with Frost-Free technology:

    1. They require lesser maintenance: The first and most important benefit of a frost-free refrigerator is that it nearly never needs to be serviced. Because indirect cool refrigerators require manual defrosting on a regular basis, whereas frost-free freezers may defrost themselves. As a result, it requires minimal upkeep.
    2. Keeps the food fresh for a longer time: The original flavour is lost in direct cold refrigerators due to excessive frost development, but this is not the case with frost-free refrigerators, where your unique taste is preserved for a longer period.
    3. Already equipped with a Thermostat: A temperature sensor, commonly known as a thermostat, is included in every frost-free refrigerator. So that you can easily keep track of the temperature in the refrigerator. 

    The only downside is that these refrigerators are more expensive than others. However, you need not worry about that at Furbicle. Our products will cost you way lesser when you buy refurbished refrigerator online.


    When you are looking to buy a refurbished fridge online, you must always make a note of the following to get a best buy refurbished refrigerator.

    1. Available space: Before you end up spending on something, make sure it will fit. Measure the length, breadth, and height of the area where your new/refurbished refrigerator will stand before you start looking for it. This is especially important when purchasing a used item, as they are generally returnable. 
    2. Your budget: you will find a lot of prices and offers on different websites for the same thing. This is why it becomes important to do a bit of research and look out for the most promising deal, just as you would find at Furbicle. Also, keep in mind that refurbished fridges cost lesser than new ones. 
    3. Research about the models and technologies: just like we have mentioned about direct cool as well as frost-free technologies, do your research and figure out what works the best for you. Whether it is a single door direct cool fridge or a double door frost-free one.

    There are a lot of common and conscious things that you can do to keep your refrigerator in a good condition. Let’s begin with a few:

    1. Storage related: even storing food is not an easy task. You have to do it in a certain matter to keep your fridge fully functional. Generally, you must be observant enough to throw any kind of spoiled food away, as soon as you have seen it. Along with this, always use proper wrapping materials and covers to avoid any contamination. 
    2. Optimize storage shelves: now when we say this, we suggest you pay attention to what you store on the shelves. Certain kind of products has a certain fixed area. For instance, raw meats are to be kept on the bottom-most shelves. Liquid bottles and other stuff can be stacked along with the door. The whole idea is to have a sorted arrangement so that none of the things gets contaminated by others.
    3. Always maintain the recommended temperature. When it gets too hot, lower the temperature. Maintain it between 35 to 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Refrigerators are generally sized as per the shapes. For example, there are refrigerators with french doors, side by side doors, top freezer, and bottom freezer. Standard refrigerators measure in the range of 28-39” in width, 61-71” in length, and 28-34” deep approximately.

    If you have followed through with the blog, you must be aware of the things to consider while buying a refrigerator. Let us recall some of the most relevant ones to help you select the best fridge for your home:

    1. Always research the kind of refrigerator you want. Do you want one with a top freezer or one with a bottom freezer?
    2. Consider having either a water dispenser on the door or an ice maker, depending on your requirements,
    3. Make a note of the storage space of each unit inside the fridge based on your usage.
    4. Always lookout for the features that you wish to have. Adjustable shelves, extra bins, extra buckets to store more fruits and vegetables, etc.
    5. Before buying, always spend some time going through consumer reviews about that particular brand and model. It will give you a real-life picture of what you will get. 

    Now you know it all, so why not buy a fridge online and have the best fridge online shopping experience ever! Come to us at Furbicle to avail the lowest possible refurbished refrigerator price. We will give you the best refurbished refrigerator that is possible.

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