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Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

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    Remanufactured Sofa Set

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    Sofa: Buy Refurbished Sofa Set Online in India

    We, like other millennials, have reached the point in our lives where we are in charge of selecting the appropriate living room furniture for our houses.

    Choosing the correct couch or sofa set can be one of the most important home expenditures we need to make, regardless of how little we know about making wise furniture choices. Sofas are great for families and groups who like to gather for both special and everyday occasions. Visitors can sit on them, you can relax while watching TV, read, dine and drink with your friends and family, and you can sleep on a lazy day.

    You must have heard that with appropriate furniture, your overall well-being increases. Similarly, with a sofa set comes:

    1. Comfort - you have your personal lounging area outside of the bedroom.
    2. Back Support - it comes down to the point of comfort but especially for your back.
    3. Makes your home more hospitable - a good sofa set will make you want to have people over for a quality time at the ease of your home.

    For years, people have been in investing in some kind of sofa or settee. Generally, people step out and look for showrooms or manufacturers physically. But do you know that you can also buy a sofa set online? Our way of life has changed dramatically as a result of technological improvements. Not only that, but shopping styles have changed significantly as well. Everything has been made more convenient these days. Online shopping has impacted every necessity, from groceries to apparel and furniture. 

    Online shopping at Furbicle for the best Sofa

    Bringing our focus to online shopping for furniture, Furbicle is one such platform that allows you to fulfil all your renewed and refurbished furniture requirements in a single place. With us, you can find a refurbished sofa, a luxury sofa set, and a complete refurbished sofa set as well. If you are looking for sofa ke design and even if you want to get some furniture design done, we offer those services as well. We have expertise in modern sofa design and can help you get the best sofa set design for home. Even a simple sofa set design made by us will have the latest sofa design and look similar to a luxury sofa set. If you are planning to move into a new house or have recently done so, we can suggest you a furniture sofa set. We can also provide a whole sofa design for your home at the best possible sofa set price.

    Feel free to order a simple sofa set online just by typing ‘sofas near me’ and opting Furbicle because shopping at Furbicle:

    • Saves time and energy - Without having to spend a lot of time and energy shopping, you may save time and energy by exploring a variety of sofa set near me, their motifs, and sizes. 
    • Makes it easier to browse a large variety - It is practically impossible to obtain each and every design accessible in the store while looking for sofas near me. We don't have the time or patience to look at all of the patterns and designs that the salesman will show us. In this instance, buying a sofa set online is the most convenient approach to shopping for your preferred sofa set.
    • Customizable search options - you have the flexibility to search for a sofa set online based on different filters when you look for a sofa set near me.
    • Based on sofa set price, we have: 
    • Sofa set under 25000 sofa price
          1. Sofa set under 20000 sofa price
          2. Sofa set under 15000 sofa price
          3. Sofa set under 10000 sofa price
    • Based on the number of seats, we have:
          1. Two seater sofa
          2. 4 seater sofa
          3. 7 seater sofa
    • Based on the design and shape we have:
        1. Sofa cum bed wooden
        2. L shape sofa design
        3. Small corner sofa
        4. Sofa with storage
        5. Corner sofa set
        6. Luxury sofa set
    • Home delivery - When you look for a sofa set near me and order online, you can quickly have the sofa sets transported to your home. You can rest easy without having to think about the delivery made because the specialists will handle everything and deliver it to your door with care. 
    •  Offers and deals - It's all about getting more and more buyers when it comes to sofa sets on the internet. To entice customers, these e-stores periodically provide fantastic prices and promotional offers. If you're looking for a new sofa set for your home, you can always take advantage of a deal like this. A sofa set low price offer can be availed at us many times throughout the year.

    Let us walk you through different types of Sofas that you can avail yourself at Furbicle when you buy sofa online, or a sofa design for home:

    Leather Sofa Set - living room sofa design for home

    A leather sofa is one of the most opulent and fanciest options for adding a sense of mediaeval warmth to your home. Although leather couches used to come in enormous and oversized structures and were primarily used in offices, they are now easily configurable with smaller frames and are commonly found in homes. We have a wide selection of high-quality leather sofas for sale that are both comfortable and stylish modern sofa design. Our leather sofa set is a classic that will quickly modernise your living room.  Look no further if you're seeking leather sofas that aren't brown. 

    L Shaped Sofa - living room sofa design for home

    One of the most common types of sofa design for vast rooms is an L-shaped couch set. If you frequently party or simply need a comfortable spot to rest after a hard day at work, this sofa is the way to go. L-shaped couches come with or without storage units. You can choose from a wide choice of L shape sofa sets, depending on your needs. Furbicle also features lovely L-shaped leather sofas in addition to the traditional wooden form. 

    Sofa cum Bed

    A sofa cum bed set is a popular choice among city dwellers since it serves as both a comfy couch as well as a cosy bed. The couch bed set is best suited for tiny flats, but it works nicely when you have friends around. At Furbicle, you can get your sofa cum bed customised to be made of good quality wood.

    Sofa with Storage

    You definitely need a sofa with storage! The most significant advantage of our couches with storage is the ability to create a clutter-free environment. An unexpected visitor can completely destabilise a household. Not only must you prepare extra food, shampoos, and towels, but you must also locate spare mattresses and cushions before anyone can sleep. If you have a sofa with storage, though, you won't have to worry because everything you'll need for an unexpected visitor may be properly stored.

    Wooden Sofa Set

    The USP of our wooden sofa set is its comfort and elegance, and no one needs to compromise on these two factors. This lovely unit could be a great addition to your home. When it comes to the space element, if you are limited on space, you may make certain changes to the set, such as selecting the greatest option that fits both your area and your budget.

    Two Seater Sofa

    Two seater sofas are also effective in the league of a pleasant and elite piece of furniture. It saves space and provides the same experience as a three-seater. The unit's design and armrest style are beautiful, and you'll have a modest seating plan in your home. Because it takes up little space, it is also suitable for use in the bedroom. If you live alone or wish to have a small sofa set in the remaining space of your bedroom, you can look out for this too.

    Three Seater Sofa

    The variety of designs and patterns used in the construction of a three-seater hardwood sofa is considerable. Wooden three-seater sofa sets are available. The wood's substance and polish will give the entire area a brighter appearance. The set's finish is so lovely that your guests will not be able to stop themselves from complimenting you on your wonderful pick. It takes up a very little area in your room. And three individuals can sit comfortably on it. 

    7 Seater Sofa

    The 3+2+2 sofa set for seven people is traditional and timeless. They enhance the look of your home decor and give them a high-end appearance. The price of the 7-seater couch set is competitive and in line with industry standards. Our online 7-seater couch sets come in a variety of colours, designs, fashions, and patterns. They are the ideal blend of contemporary furniture art and inventiveness. Our talented and experienced craftsmen are professionals in their respective fields. They are fascinating and offer your home a fashionable appearance.

    Fabric Sofa 

    Fabric sofa sets are a great option to consider. The first benefit of purchasing a fabric sofa is that they are available in a variety of colours and patterns. Any colour or pattern can be chosen based on personal preference and the interior design of the living room. Fabric sofa sets are also available in a variety of other materials. The most basic simple fabric sofa, which may be ordered in any colour or modified. The patterned fabric sofa features a variety of prints that are influenced by both modern and traditional styles. The sofa's fabric can be removed at any moment and is machine washable, allowing it to stay fresh and clean at all times. Fabric couches survive longer than any other type of sofa set.

    What an extravagant collection of sofa furniture, isn't it? Buy sofa online from Furbicle and get the best sofa furniture for your home.


    Few things to consider before buying a sofa:

    1. Determine the kind of sofa that you want. Whether you want a corner one, or an L shaped one.
    2. Measure the dimension - measure the area where you plan to pace the sofa set so that it can be fixed thoroughly.
    3. Decide on the material -  whether you want a leather sofa or a fabric one. You can also get it customized to have both.
    4. Decide the number of seats you require.
    5. Decide whether you really want to order sofa online or you want to buy couch online. A couch is a good alternative if you do not want a proper sofa set. You can then buy couch online.
    6. Choose the padding consciously. The sole aim of having a sofa is to get a comfortable seating/napping area. Thus, choosing the right padding is important. 
    7. Lastly, consider if you wish to buy a new one or are willing to buy refurbished sofas for sale. Buying a renewed sofa set online can actually save a lot of bucks for you.
    If you are tired of searching “refurbished sofa near me” when looking to buy a renewed one, come to Furbicle. With us, you will realise that it is 100% safe to buy refurbished sofa from us.
    A refurbished sofa set cost is much lower than that of a new one. Besides, it works just as good as a new one! So why not save your money as well as resources.
    A sofa is an upholstered settee with cushions, two armrests, and enough seating for multiple people. This includes sectionals and loveseats, as well as a variety of comfy seating alternatives. Although the term "couch" is commonly used in reference to tiny or informal sofas, couches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Like a chaise lounge, they usually have one or no armrests and are smaller than sofas.
    Julian Five Seater Sofa with Ottoman-Sand Beige colour is the best wooden sofa that would complement your living room. You can also get it customized in a different colour like Royal Bue.
    Once you decide to buy sofa online, you must find a reliable platform. Furbicle is one such website that offers you great deals and quality in remanufactured and refurbished furniture.
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