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good for the planet

Furnish your home with furniture and appliances restored to its original quality. Get premium designs while you help reduce furniture waste

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    It is essential to organize your storage space so that it suits your needs and lifestyle. A cabinet is a cupboard with shelves or drawers used for storing or displaying articles. But when it comes to homes, cabinets play a very important role in expressing what one’s house is like. Items like shelves, cupboards, and dressing tables add a character to your house that resonates with your personality. They make your house look more managed and cleaner and help you optimize your storage space. Most families are reluctant to invest in new storage units because of the sheer burden it is on the pocket. But we fail to acknowledge the availability of remanufactured pre-loved furniture that is good for you, your wallet & our planet. Remanufactured furniture is the one that is crafted from the items that have previously been loved by others and no additional wood is consumed.

    why Furbicle?

    Furbicle produces remanufactured furniture which is high quality, value for money and environment-friendly. We solve all your home and office related space concerns. Our user-friendly platform allows you to order furniture 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Deliveries and after sale services are quick & prompt and highly appreciated by our customers.

    remanufactured storage furniture

    We support the supply of remanufactured storage units, wardrobes, side tables with storage, and dressing tables which are made from pure wood and the best raw material required. We aim to make our products value for money which also decreases the burden on the environment, as remanufactured furniture does not use much of the wood. As the remanufactured storage cabinets are pre-loved, they do not overburden your budget beyond the expected limit which makes our items good for your wallet. The remanufactured furniture is sturdy and tough – so it never fails to impress the buyers. The furniture is always delivered with care and the after-sale services are also praised by our customers. The furniture never feels old or impaired and, if chosen carefully, complements other items in the house perfectly well. 


    storage options available on Furbicle

    We offer you a variety of storage furniture options which are as follows:

    There is more to a Dressing Table than meets the eye. their dimensions have to be designed perfectly to compliment your room and not dominate it. Furbice offers the perfect Dressing Table, which is sure to fit your room’s aesthetic. they are remanufactured with precision and have an amazing value for money.

    Many people overlook the importance of designing their Wardrobes. Furbicle solves this problem in the blink of an eye. We provide a variety of Wardrobe designs and styles in a single place which makes comparison and selection very convenient for the buyer. The varying raw material makes each Wardrobe different and unique in its own special way. They are remanufactured from the best of pre-loved furniture which gives the furniture a more welcoming and homely vibe. As they are remanufactured, they are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Buying a new Wardrobe may prove to be a heavy constraint on customers’ pockets, which is why it becomes suitable to opt for a remanufactured Wardrobe.

    bookshelf is a piece of furniture with shelves, often in a cabinet, used to store books or other printed materials. Small Bookshelves and low model shelves embellish the room, and makes the surrounding spacious, providing additional space in the house to move as well. We provide a classy design of bookshelf that can help you organize your books collection in a more space-effective manner. These shelves are pre-loved by someone and remanufactured to provide the next user the best experience and quality of the furniture. A new book-shelf may be burdensome, money-wise, but our bookshelf is the best fit economically for the customers as they are all remanufactured.  We also deliver the furniture quickly and with utmost care.

    Chest of Drawers is a storage unit consisting of an upright frame into which Drawers are fitted. They have a good storage capacity and make the room organized and clutter-free. They can fit into any room and have a contemporary and versatile design. Our Chest of Drawers are designed with teak finished solid wood.

    Furbicle also has a folding Center Table Cum Workstation. It has built-in storage for books, laptops and other handy essentials. The abbey teak finish gives it a clean look.

    The Side Tables that go along with the bed have a good storage space to keep essentials handy. We have different designs, in varying material available online to help you find your perfect match. With Furbicle, you get value-for-money side tables. The shape and look are stylish and give the room a different vibe. The tables are pre-loved by their previous owners which are now remanufactured to become a part of the new household and surroundings. 

    Television stands are pretty trendy these days. They give support to the devices and also provide extra storage capacity with them. This gives the wall with T.V. an elegant look . We provide a unique and effective piece of T.V. stand, in wooden material. The furniture is remanufactured which makes it good for our planet. The storage capacity is one to be praised well. The price range fits in the budget comfortably, as it is remanufactured which makes it difficult for the customers to resist having one for them.

    So, why wait? continue your journey to decorate your house with these premium yet affordable cabinets and furniture. We bring you the most convenient and hassle-free shopping experience with our after-sale services, free delivery services, easy payment gateway, and quick query responses. Support the environment by supporting remanufactured furniture with us. Storage options that you were looking for are here, with us, just a click away.


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