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Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

Hurry, limited period offer. Get 15% off and a tree in your name. Use code: FURBICLE15

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    Furbicle – TV

    TVs: Buy Renewed TV Online in India 

    A TV is a means for mass communication for educational purposes as well as for entertainment. It is one of the most amazing inventions of all time. Nowadays, it is a widely utilised source of amusement for people of all age groups. Practically every household today has at least one TV set. And why should it not happen? It is, after all, a huge step forward from the radio, that enables only audio-based entertainment.

    Generally, people choose to walk into showrooms and look at every other TV that is on display. But, even then, it is not an easy task to buy the best TV. With such a diverse range of electronics on the market, it might be difficult to tell one device from another or to select the one that best meets your needs. There is a lot of stuff that you need to know before you decide to buy a television. You need to consider the brand, the specifications, the television price,  the kind of television set, etc. Also, as times have changed, there is an increasing demand for refurbished TV as well. A refurbished television is the best TV and it saves a lot of resources and costs much lesser in comparison to a new one. 

    Buying a renewed TV at Furbicle: TV online shopping is the new trend!

    With so many options, you would definitely need some assistance. This is where Furbicle steps in. Furbicle is your go-to destination if you have decided to buy refurbished TV or any other renewed electronic device. We offer a large variety of TV sets and help you choose the best television set for your home. And all this is done at the ease of you being at your home! Yes, TV online shopping is very much possible and successful today.

    How to know which Television is the best for you?

    We acknowledge that different people have different needs when they buy TV. Some people want the most recent features, while others are more guided by the value of money. Therefore, finding the correct fit is very important. For a layman, the various kinds of television can appear confusing and difficult, especially when he/she is confronted with terms like 4K, UHD, OLED, QLED, and others. Let us make it simpler for you and look at the most important factors to consider when you buy TV/ buy television. More specifically, when you buy TV online.

    There have been a lot of advancements in Television technologies, especially as of 2022. Obviously, we would like to suggest you go for the best ones (of course based on your budget). Here are a few things that will make it easier for you to look for the most affordable television at Furbicle (a renewed one):

    1. A refurbished 4K TV is much better than a full HD or 1080p TV set. Especially if it is the first TV set in your home.  
    2. Decide on the kind of display that you want. You have multiple options- OLED, LED, QLED, HDR, and LCD. More pixels (and resolution) equals better clarity and picture quality, which is the key here. OLED and QLED are upscaled technologies that produce stunning clarity and are best suited for larger panel sizes in the 43-75-inch range. LED TVs are the most adaptable, with a vast variety of televisions based on them. Whereas LCD TVs are preferred for smaller sizes such as 24 inch and 32 inch TVs.
    3. Do not forget to check the number of HDMI ports. Preferably, there should be at least four of them.
    4. Look for the refresh rate offered. Anything equal to and above 60Hz should suffice. 
    5. Decide on the appropriate size of your screen. In order to do so, you need to find just THE spot at your home.
    6. If you are looking for something on top-of-the-line, we have a range of refurbished smart one also. Such a TV is a high-definition television with built-in Internet capabilities that lets users stream music or video, browse the internet, see the news and use other online apps as well. A standard television set is limited to either cable or a set-top box, whereas smart televisions can access virtually endless information over the internet.

    It is only logical for us to give you a brief account of various kinds of televisions before stepping in to actually help you buy TV online…

    Based on the display:

      1. QLED (Quantum Light-Emitting Diode)
    • Benefits that come with QLED:
        1. Colour accuracy - QLEDs provide superior colour accuracy than traditional LEDs, making them ideal for colour-critical applications including picture editing, graphics, and video editing.
        2. More brightness - It has the ability to brighten colours in the visible range without sacrificing saturation. This is why QLEDs have become the industry standard for viewing in ultra-high definition.
        3. Improved contrast ratio - Because of their ability to present deep natural blacks, OLEDs remain unrivalled when it comes to getting a greater contrast ratio.
      1. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
    • Benefits that come with OLED:
        1. Improved image quality - It has excellent colour fidelity.
        2. OLED displays use less electricity and are therefore suited for devices such as Android phones, portable game consoles, media players, and digital cameras.
        3. Flexibility - OLED displays also offer greater physical flexibility, bringing them to the frontline of display advancements such as foldable and even rollable devices.
      1. LED (Light-Emitting Diode)
    • Benefits that come with a refurbished LED TV:
        1. Energy-efficient - LED TVs are said to consume 50% less electricity than tube and plasma televisions. As a result, when you use this LED TV, you won't have to worry about excessive electricity bills.
        2. Thin and weighing lesser - The next benefit of LED TVs is their slim shape and lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and relocate. Because LED TVs already have backlighting technology, they have a thin design.
        3. Many additional features - External storage, such as a flash drive or a hard drive, can be utilised to watch movies. It could also be used for screen sharing from a computer or a smartphone. In addition, an LED TV refurbished, usually has a pinned HDMI or USB connector for additional devices attached to it.
      1. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
    • Benefits that come with LCD:
        1. More pixelated screen than a standard TV -  A typical TV has much fewer pixels than an LCD panel.  This in LCD results in a finer image since the image presented on your screen would be far clearer and crisper.
        2. Back-lit - Because the LCD screen is back-lit, there will be minimal or no flare when sunlight reflects off the surface.
        3. Thinly shaped - LCDs also have the benefit of being essentially flat in shape. This means that a panoramic LCD TV can be watched from a wide range, in addition to taking up less room in your home.
      1. SMART TV
    • Benefits that come with a refurbished Smart TV:
        1. Most convenient - this technology combines the medium of television with Ethernet ports, incorporated WiFi connectivity, Internet-based streaming video, and online personal support. They also come with customization possibilities for specific hardware units with built-in processing units and operating systems.
        2. Keyboard control - smart ones come with remotes that are more advanced than standard remote controls. Smart TV remotes include a working computer keyboard, optical mouse, and navigation buttons in addition to traditional volume and power controls.
        3. Connectivity - Multiple USB connections allow you to attach items to the smart one, such as a smartphone or even a digital camera. You may upload photographs and movies from a connected device to the Smart TV just like you would on a desktop or laptop.
      1. ANDROID TV
    • Benefits that come with a refurbished Android TV:
    1. Easy operation - Its straightforward design guides you to speedy information access, and you can easily move between apps, stream videos, and alter TV settings.
    2. Built-in Google Assistant - Searching for the latest TV series or scrolling through a large list of music songs can be time-consuming, but you can save time by enlisting the help of the Google Assistant. 
    3. Control other devices via your TV - The combination of Android TV with Google Assistant is really powerful. You can manage items in your house with a simple command like "Dim the lights" or "Turn on the AC."

    With us you can get an online refurbished TV after passing through several filters:

    Based on the display technology

    At Furbicle, you can get a refurbished LED TV, a refurbished smart television, a refurbished android TV, a refurbished 4K TV, and all other types too.

    Based on the price

    At Furbicle you can also find a refurbished television based on the television price. We offer a wide range TV, you can find a TV under 50000, a TV under 40000, TV under 30000 as well! Doesn't it sound amazingly convenient? 

    Based on the screen size

    You can get your desired television set in several sizes, we have the bandwidth of making a 32 inch TV, a 40 inch TV, a 43 inch TV, and a 55 inch TV as well. 

    We offer the best TV sets for sale. Keep filtering and make your picks to get back to your home with the best television set ever. You will also be getting the most affordable TV! 


    Yes, a TV can work without an internet connection as well. If you have a basic TV set then most likely, it will be fully functional without an internet connection. If you have an android or smart television, even that will work. Nevertheless, there will be several limitations because then you can only use your smart television just like a regular one. You will not be able to browse online or stream any live shows.

    When you are looking to buy a renewed TV, you should note the following:

    1. The functionality: Even if refurbished TVs are less expensive, one must also consider how to solve problems that might occur if you do not buy the right one. 
    2. Where are you buying the TV from? To make the job easier, it is vital to choose a reliable dealer. With Furbicle, you have at least one lesser problem. You can rely on us completely.
    3. Check about the warranty terms and policies.
    4. The brand of the source TV.

    4K televisions have an edge over other ones because:

    1. They provide more definition and resolution. Their 3840x2160 pixel counts are four times higher than the full HD images most of us are accustomed to.
    2. Improved colour handling: The obvious benefit of having so many pixels to work with is that it allows pictures to portray colour mixes with greater finesse.
    3. Better 3D experience: The 3D experience can be enhanced by using a native 4K resolution.
    1. Smart one is a type of television that has internet access and is, therefore, smarter than conventional television. A typical television allows a person to watch images and listen to music and noises, i.e., watch videos, and it does not have internet connectivity.
    2. A smart one has a built-in web browser; on the other hand, a regular TV does not have one.
    3. A smart one, on the other hand, has a lot of built-in apps, whereas a regular TV doesn't.
    4. A smart one is a hybrid between a computer and a TV whereas a regular TV is just a basic TV.
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